Refund Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction of our product and service is guaranteed providing you notify us within 7 days after you or the recipient receives the gift or prior to the start of the event if the gift is being used for an event. At your discretion we shall replace the item or issue a full refund providing the gift and all items are returned; in case of delivery, the gift shall be picked up at the same location as it was delivered otherwise the items must in entirety be returned to the store. Orders for events such as service, prom, and weddings can not be cancelled once it was used for it's intended purpose and the item must be returned prior to start of the event in order to issue a full refund. This policy is subject to special consideration by the management.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be cancelled at any time prior to delivery of gift(s) to the customer or recipient and are subject to satisfaction guarantee consideration thereafter. However orders above $200 cannot be cancelled without inventory consideration and therefore may not be cancelled at management discretion unless the order is cancelled 10 days prior to the delivery date.